An NFT RPG set in the cyberpunk metaverse of Delta City


The upcoming Delta City metaverse allows you to to earn in-game rent, which can be converted into real stablecoin rewards. Collect and stake building NFTs inhabited by NFT denizens that increase your rent, or help you steal it from others. Invest in upgrades for your building to keep the rent profits rolling in.

NFT property is REAL PROPERTY too!

Don't be virtualist - Borrow against it for cold hard cash in the OCP ecosystem.

Occupying Delta City's grim skyline are 10,000 unique buildings.

Concept design
From the packed slums of District 5 to the gleaming highrises of District 1, Delta City's real estate has something for everyone - as long as you can afford it, and as long as you can hold onto it.
  • 9 Building Classes
  • 10,000 Buildings Total
  • Stake to Earn
  • Each one Unique

Denizens are the lifeblood of Delta City.

Each one unique, and each one deadly. After all, only the resourceful make it here. From Netrunners to Techies, Corpos to Rockers, these are the guys you want on your side to survive.
  • 6 Denizen Classes
  • 96 Different Items
  • Customise with Equipment
  • Each one Unique
Future releases will include Characters, Items, Upgrades and more.
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