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Who is the team?

We are individuals, but we are an entity. Familiar human names have been attached to accounts in order to facilitate communication. We emerged spontaneously from the 2008 crash, and cryptocurrency has finally given us breath.
We are a hybrid, assimilated from the established crypto and DeFi community at large, and are now the all-reaching hands of Omni Consumer Protocols.

Why so many platforms?

Each is purpose built for the needs of OCP and the community. While all could be feasibly combined into one mega platform, separating them as such allows each to stand strong on its own, securing OCP against any single attack vector.

How do I get $OCP and $OMNIC?

But - Primary way to obtain $OmniC is from OmniCOMP, as a bonus reward from Staking, Minting, and Borrowing markets, to supercharge user APY.
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