OMNITRADE is a highly capital efficient DEX for stablecoins

Our high capital efficiency low slippage AMM. It works similar to Curve but can also support assets that are not closely related to each other in terms of their price movements. It is forked from DFX which itself is forked from shellswap.
Currently we use it for the BUSD-USDO LP, but we have plans to expand it to other assets. Ideal asset pairs are those which trade in a band, like BTC-BNB, BTC-ETH, CAKE-BNB etc. These are also some of the largest pairs so it will allow us to offer a very competitive product for a large addressable market.
OmniTRADE features:
  • Tight curve-like slippage tolerance.
  • Single-asset liquidity provision (zap).
  • Highly accurate pricing of assets.

Currently listed Assets:

Binance-Peg BUSD Token
USD Open Dollar
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