Road Map
- 2021, ongoing


  • Live tested public beta of OmniComp
  • Inception of $OmniC token, and $USDO token
  • Initial ecosystem partnership growth
  • Backers onboarded
  • Dev team expanded
  • Internal testing of liquidation modules


  • Public IDO launch
  • Inception of $OCP token
  • Token supply, all liquidity locked
  • New asset partnerships onboarded
  • Initial phase of farming layers deployed
  • Ongoing work on subsidiary platforms
  • Public launch of liquidations module

Q3, beyond

  • Deploy upgraded OmniCOMP, with lending/borrowing, passive interest gains.
  • OmniFARMS launch
  • OmniBONDS launch
  • OmniVAULTS launch
  • OmniTRADE launch
  • Expansion to Polygon Matic
  • Expansion to Ethereum

Always ongoing

  • Community growth
  • UI refinement
  • Tech refinement
  • Onboard new asset partners
  • Marketing
  • Working towards blockchain domination
  • Facilitating financial freedom for all of OCP
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